Ian and Jane have been taking our dog “Homer” for a weekly walk with two other dogs for several years so that Homer gets a bit of extra fun in the company of other animals. They have managed this amiable but scatty dog from being a lively adolescent to the older dog Homer now is. From the beginning, Homer looked up to them as natural leaders. Homer’s excitement each Saturday morning when the doorbell rings is palpable as he springs from his waiting position in the hall. Homer used to leap unaided into the back of the car but now would struggle so they have taught him to use a ramp. Upon his return, Homer looks so fit, well and happy, panting his excitement at me as though longing to tell me what fun he’s had. I would like to thank them both for giving Homer his weekly treat and help him socialise with other dogs.

Diana Simpson


Jane and Ian have been walking Simba for twelve years, we found that Jaz and Simba got on really well and enjoyed chasing each other; from that we decided to take turns in walking each other’s dog. Jane and Ian take the dogs on lots of different walks and over the years have taken other dogs with them which has been good for Simba. When we went away on holiday Simba went to stay in kennels, she came back quite stressed. After this, when we went away she stayed with Jane and Ian and was quite happy there. I do not have a problem with leaving my dog with them as I know how caring they are. I would thoroughly recommend Jane and Ian to care for your dog whether it was to walk them or have them board there.

Beverly Sulsh


Jazzy dogs... Wots not to like!

 People ask how you know when your dog is really happy not just in the wagging tail sort of way, but more like overall sure bouncy, responsive, alert, healthy n the rest. When Smartie first came to live with me she was depressed and very clingy . Which still worries me a bit when I have to leave her. Imagine my delight at coming back from holiday to be greeted by one HAPPY dog after a week with Ian and Jane at Jazzy dogs. Like any proud owner I am glad she made the cut for the website gallery. As a really satisfied customer I wanted to tell you just how pleased I am that I can leave Smartie knowing not only that she will be safe and well but that she will be very happy. After all with all that walking, fussing and pampering. What's not to like :-)

 Madi Strong