What's in a name?

We have often been asked why we called the business Jazzy Dogs? Well, meet Jaz, the inspiration behind the name.

Jaz is sadly no longer with us; we took her in when she was 11 weeks old, the result of a union between a German Shepherd and we think a retriever of some sort. We paid £25 for her and for over eighteen years she was part of the family. The kids soon started calling her Jazzy Dog and the name stuck.

She was such a great dog, always keen to go for a walk and happy to share those walks with a variety of other dogs. During her lifetime we walked her with Simba from down the road and Homer from next door along with a variety of friends and families’ dogs. She shared her home with some and stayed with others in their homes. We could not have had a better pet, great with kids and never showing any aggression towards others.

As she was so much a part of us starting the business we called the business Jazzy Dogs.