Dog walking services

Standard Dog Walking

Dogs need to get out in the fresh air and socialise with other dogs. We understand that your circumstances can change; work pressures, illness or unavoidable appointments can leave your dog frustrated, alone and bored at home. We can help you when your pet needs looking after. Our standard package includes collection from your home and transport to a local wood, heathland or beach for a walk with a maximum of five other dogs. Depending on the dog, these can be on or off lead. At the end of the walk dogs will be returned and cleaned up if they get too muddy.

Elite Dog Walking

Some dogs are more suited to an individually tailored walk. These can be in a location of your choice either in woods, parks or along the seafront. Some dogs do not like travelling in cars and we can walk them from your home if you wish. This service is ideal for more sensitive dogs or those that are nervous of other dogs. Elite walks can also cater for the more aggressive dog that would not be suitable for group walks.

Mature Dogs

We understand that older dogs have special requirements and just like us need to take things a bit easier at their age. Our transport is equipped with ramps to make getting in and out easier. The walks are slower paced with time to sit and rest along the way.

Accompanied Dog Walks

Perhaps you would like to join us for a walk in the woods. We are happy for you to accompany us on walks. Our standard rates apply but you would see your dog enjoying the company of others as you join us for a pleasant stroll.


Accompanied walk