Price List

The table below provides details of our standard rates for the Hastings and St Leonards areas; we may need to charge more for the outlying areas. We offer discounts for regular work and can tailor our services to suit your needs. Contact us to find out more or discuss any special requirements you may have.

It is important that you have confidence in us to take care of your dog. Before taking dogs out we like to visit them in their home or have them visit us. During this visit we will make a fuss of the dog so they are familiar with us and ask you to complete our standard registration form. This form will have details of the dog, your contact numbers and details of the vet you use. We would also like to see the dog's vaccination certificate.

Dogs can be very protective of their home and it is important that they realise we are no threat to them or you. These initial visits are free and you are welcome to have us visit and take details even if you have no immediate needs for our services. (It's good to have someone you can call on in an emergency).

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Standard dog walking

We will collect and return the dog(s) to your home. Dogs will be walked either on or off lead (subject to owner's permission) in woods, the beach or heathland. These are one hour group walks with a maximum of 6 dogs. Dogs will be cleaned down if they get too muddy.

£15 per walk
(2 Dogs from the same household £25)


Elite dog walking

We will collect and return the dog to your home. The dog will be walked on their own either on or off lead (subject to owner's permission) in a local area approved by the owner. These walks are aimed at dogs that would not be suited to group walks. We can cater for all types of dogs from the very sensitive to the more aggressive, tailoring the walk to their needs.

£30 for one off walks

Mature dog walking

We will collect and return the dog(s) to your home. Dog(s) will be walked at a slower pace and have plenty of time to sit and rest. We provide ramps to make getting in and out of the van easier.

Same as Standard or Elite walks

Accompanied walks

Have you ever wanted to go out with your dog in the woods or beach but not had the confidence to go on your own? Our accompanied walks are ideal for you. Simply come along with us on the walk. Our standard charges apply but you benefit from seeing your dog enjoying their walk.

Same as Standard or Elite walks

Pet comfort and feeding

Ideal if your pet is home alone for long periods of time. We visit your home to feed your pet, empty litter trays and provide human contact. A short walk or let out in the garden for a run are included.

£10 per visit


Pet boarding and Day-care

You will bring your pet to stay at our house and be part of the family. All walks are included in the price.
Care can be tailored to suit your needs, contact us to talk through your requirements.

Discounts available for longer periods or more than 1 dog from same household.

Half day boarding £20 (5 hrs)
(8 am -1pm or 12pm - 5pm)
Full day boarding £30 (8am-5pm)
24 hour boarding £45

Holiday stays £35 per day
(48 hours or more)

Pet Taxi

We transport your dog in our purpose equipped van.
We can also take them to the vets, grooming parlours, hydrotherapy etc. and wait while they have their treatment.
Contact us for a quote.

£1.00 per mile

(£20.00 minimum charge)