St Leonards Dog Walking

For a lot of people St Leonards is always St Leonards on-sea and that is as far as they get. A walk along the promenade is great but how many have ventured inland? There is so much more to find out.

For the dog walkers there are hidden pockets of nature and beauty. St Leonards is divided into separate areas, each with their own dog friendly walks. Burton's St Leonards has Quarry Gardens, Bohemia has the top end of Alexandra Park, Silverhill has Ponds Wood and Hollington has Church in the Wood with its quiet cemetery and wooded paths.

To the West lies Combe Valley Countryside Park which covers approximately 2.3 square miles and includes Bulverhythe Beach, Filsham Reed Beds and Combe Haven SSSI

St Leonards


For those that live in St Leonards, Jazzy Dogs can use a variety of safe locations, free of cars, to exercise your dog. From formal parks to reed beds and the beach we can tailor the walk to suit your dog.

Church in the wood
Filsham Reed Bed Bulverhythe