Pett Dog Walking

Between Fairlight and Rye harbour lies Pett Level.
The western edge starts where the cliffs of Fairlight end (just behind the Smuggler pub). It extends eastwards until it reaches Rye Harbour. It is a flat coastline with a sea defence wall to safeguard the open marsh behind it. The area near the Smuggler pub marks the western end of the Royal Military Canal and there are some great walks to be had either on the beach heading west towards Fairlight or following the canal eastward towards Winchelsea (look out for the bird hides for all you twitchers out there).

The village of Pett lies inland and contains several very dog friendly woods. My personal favourite is Guestling Wood. Run by The Woodland Trust, these are a must during the bluebell season as they are transformed into a vivid carpet of blue. The area is very popular with dog walkers.
Cliffs at Pett Level

These photos show just a small part of the 110 acre Guestling Wood. There are 3 areas to park along Watermill lane. I prefer the small car park with height barrier as the dogs are unloaded away from the road. Guestling woods Guestling wood with Bluebells
Bluebells at Guestling woods