Hastings Dog Walking

Having lived all my life within 1 mile of Hastings Castle and the West Hill, I am amazed that I am still finding places I never knew existed in the town.

Hastings is unique; there is no other place like it. A mix of history, culture and vibrancy. Visitors to the town can only scratch the surface of what the town has to offer. 

For the dog walkers there are an amazing number of hidden gems such as St Helens Woods, Speckled Woods, Summerfields Woods with its dripping well grotto and art installations in the ponds. Many will have visited Alexandra Park, but have probably never ventured into Old Roar Gill & Coronation Wood. Here they would find a deeply cut, narrow valley containing a stream that eventually runs through Alexandra Park, then on to the sea. All these areas provide safe dog walking routes. 


Hastings fishing boats


Summerfields is hidden away behind the sports centre and ambulance station. You can get to it from Horntye Road, Bohemia or from Holmesdale Gardens.

Summerfields grotto
Summerfields grotto
Summerfields art