Battle Dog Walking

Picture of the front of Battle Abbey

We have all heard of the "Battle of Hastings" when in 1066 the Norman invaders led by William. beat the Saxons led by Harold. Many people expect to find the site of the battle in Hastings but this is not the case. William landed at Pevensy and headed East passing through what is now Little Common and Bexhill finally setting up a castle at Hastings as his base. Marching North through what is now Combe Haven Valley he went through Crowhurst and towards Telham. Harold meanwhile headed South going through areas which now contain Robertsbridge, John's Cross and Sedlescombe. Finally the armies met on 14th October 1066 at Senlac Hill. Harold was killed with an arrow in the eye and the Saxon army fled.
Battle town did not exist at the time but the abbey was built on the scene of this most famous battle in British history and the town of Battle grew up around it.
Locally known as 1066 Country the Battle area has some outstanding scenery and walks which are ideal for exercising your dog.

One of my favourite walks takes me into the woods behind the Powdermills Hotel. Here you will find an amazing variety of habitats, ranging from swamp conditions, where you need to walk through it using the boardwalks, to the disused mill area and onto the splendid views of the lake. Board walk Powdermills Lake